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Children's Playgroups in English

Young children learn best through play and those who have early exposure to the basics have a head start in school.

Our playgroups are the ideal way to combine learning with fun. Educational experts have created engaging creative actives to introduce children to all the skills they need. Each activity is appropriate to age and based on proven learning principles.

Why foreign language playgroups?

For the children:

Languages have become a crucial part of a good education. Speaking foreign languages not only opens the door to international travel and to new carrier opportunities, but also enriches the understanding of cultural domains such as pop music and literature.

Learning a new language is easier for children than it is for adults. At the age of two, children reach the so called “sensitive period”, during which they find it especially easy to learn a new language.

People who grow up bilingual will also find it easier to study additional languages later in life.

Our holistic language acquisition approach: Vivid hands-on classes guarantee sensual and intellectual learning. The feeling for languages and (nonverbal) communication in general will be improved e.g.: vocabulary, grammar, phrases, syntax, eloquence, intonation and idiosyncrasies, foreign gestures and facial expressions etc.

Children with a second mother tongue experience the attractiveness and importance of this language (and culture) when their peers approach them with interest in regards to their bilingual background.

For the parents:

Improve your own language skills. Exercises for yourself, with or without your child.

Discover friendships with like - minded Austrians, bilingual and international families.

Inter cultural learning and understanding of different traditions and mentalities. For example eating habits, songs, celebrating holidays...

Established friendships, time frames and learning process from toddler to high school graduate help the group consistency and avoid having to search for new teachers and language institutes.

Ideas for artistic and hands on activities at home.


Based on our belief that a certain amount of regularity is necessary for a successful and positive long-term learning exposure, as well as our experience that repetition creates security - especially for younger children - our groups are designed to convey a repetitive and flexible procedure. There is always room for spontaneity and your own ideas! The focus on and the duration of the individual program details vary according to the age of the participants.